An immature take on maturity models

If something has been around for more than a day- an analyst firm will claim there is a maturity model they built around it. Then they will score everyone on it. This happens to everything from enterprise software, BI etc to something as new as social media. If you don’t trust me – stop rightContinue reading “An immature take on maturity models”

Google Plus after a week – at best, a “may be”

I am certainly not one of the folks who jump in with both feet at every new technology that shows up on the radar. I like to stay back and watch others play with a little, read their reviews and then slowly dip my toes to see if it works for me.  I was totallyContinue reading “Google Plus after a week – at best, a “may be””

India’s sports awards – time to change at least the names ?

Of course Cricket is the big dog – and cricketers earn more money and fame than every one else in sports in India. Field hockey probably is next in demand, since India occasionally shows sparks of brilliance. Then there is a variety of other things like athletics, swimming, tennis etc where  India tries hard, butContinue reading “India’s sports awards – time to change at least the names ?”