SAP gets SuccessFactors/Dalgaard, SFDC gets Rypple/Wookey – Game on!

Last few days have been a lot of fun in EnSW world in terms of acquisitions. Two that picked the most interest in my mind were SAP buying SuccessFactors and SalesForce buying Rypple.  It is not just the companies alone – it is the people who are going to run them that interest me more.Continue reading “SAP gets SuccessFactors/Dalgaard, SFDC gets Rypple/Wookey – Game on!”

SAP buys SuccessFactors – a few random thoughts

I heard the news of SAP buying SuccessFactors while in the cab to PHX airport for a last minute business trip to India. And I am typing this from the plane – the first of four that will take me to Kolkata. On my way back from India, I will get to attend the SAPContinue reading “SAP buys SuccessFactors – a few random thoughts”