Does a leader really succeed only if most of the followers are dumb?

My cab driver yesterday was of Bulgarian origin. We had quite an interesting chat driving from PHX airport to my home.  He was quite upset with the state of the union, and had a curious listener in me as his passenger, and we had a half hour to drive. His perspective somewhat amazed me –Continue reading “Does a leader really succeed only if most of the followers are dumb?”

How do you measure success and failure of projects?

There are quantitative and qualitative ways to describe the success or failure of a project. In general, a project is considered succesful when it meets its objectives while staying within an agreed up on budget and time line. This sounds simple enough, except that it is not ! First, who decides if a project isContinue reading “How do you measure success and failure of projects?”

Do bigger projects really fail more often than smaller projects?

Common sense and Michael Krigsman tell me that bigger projects fail more than smaller projects.  However, this does not match what I have experienced in the past. From what I have seen, project size does not have a significant impact on its odds to fail. First – how do we define size ? Size can generallyContinue reading “Do bigger projects really fail more often than smaller projects?”

Too much of analysis + Too little of synthesis = Sub-optimal decisions

I remember a high school lesson on analysis and synthesis – with the teacher emphasising why they should always go hand-in-hand in a complimentary manner. It apparently did not register very deeply in my mind – and for a number of years, I was a bigger fan of analysis than one of synthesis.  Higher educationContinue reading “Too much of analysis + Too little of synthesis = Sub-optimal decisions”

Prayer And Other Aspects Of Religion – My POV

I was born and raised a Hindu. I attended my primary school in a Hindu institution, my high school in a Catholic school , my Engineering degree in a college founded by a Muslim visionary and My MBA from a Government run university . I am influenced by teachings of all these religions – and when IContinue reading “Prayer And Other Aspects Of Religion – My POV”

Enterprise 2.0 – another “build and they will come”?

I already un-followed several people on twitter because I could not stand any more E2.0 trivia being hurled at me. I have hardly seen anything new being said about it. And no –  just by adding “social” and “collaborative ” to every sentence does not make you or your idea look smart. I earn a livingContinue reading “Enterprise 2.0 – another “build and they will come”?”

Context is everything

This happened in the year 2000. I am fairly new to USA, and sitting in my client’s IT offices in Colorado Springs,CO. It is close to lunch break – and my mobile rings. I pick it up – and it is my dear friend from India. A minute later I am telling him – in an exasperatedContinue reading “Context is everything”

Post SAPPHIRE NOW musings

SAPPHIRE was way cool – one of the most well-organized ones, and I enjoyed it very much, despite the extreme sleep deprivation that I had to endure. In general, I was quite excited with SAP’s messaging, and analyst commentary. But as soon as I left the convention center, I started thinking more about the messages IContinue reading “Post SAPPHIRE NOW musings”

Software companies , Innovation and On-premise

You cannot walk on the street, or browse on internet, these days without some one screaming “innovation” on your face.  Software companies lead the pack here – not only do they use the word “innovation” ad-nauseum, they also take time to explain why their competition is not using “innovation”. Read this excellent blog by Dennis Howlett . DennisContinue reading “Software companies , Innovation and On-premise”