Some difficulties of making inclusion work

Yesterday, there was a terrific event at SAP Teched on inclusion, and design thinking. I was invited to be on the panel, but unfortunately could not make it in the last minute. This is just a short post to share my thoughts on that, since I could not discuss it live and learn from theContinue reading “Some difficulties of making inclusion work”

SAP Teched 2011 – Monday and Tuesday. Hana, Hana and MORE HANA

Sunday was all about innojam. Theme : gamification (is that a word???) of the enterprise. And No – it was not based on “The games people play”. There were 13 teams…well, 12 serious teams and then us – the #PUKR team. PUKR stands for Puppies, Kittens, Unicorns and Rainbows.  To follow us . OurContinue reading “SAP Teched 2011 – Monday and Tuesday. Hana, Hana and MORE HANA”

Sunday at SAPTeched 2011 – It is all about Innojam

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I took the first flight out of PHX to LAS to join fellow mentors and other SAP enthusiasts at SAPTeched.  I was happy to see people choosing to fly on this day – it sends a strong message to the world that Terrorism will NEVER win.   The dayContinue reading “Sunday at SAPTeched 2011 – It is all about Innojam”